Monday, April 22, 2013

cap's log 15

This week in the lecture we learned about google analytics which how goolge would track the traffic coming to your web page, using google ads or a tag in the html file of the web page. The use of the analytics is to see where your hits are coming from, at what time in the day is the traffic highest and how the person got to your page. The second lecture did not happen and in the lab we worked on the image assignment, the group assignment or the essay.

Monday, April 15, 2013

cap's log 14

For the Easter break i slept for most of it i need to catch up on my sleep, ate lots of chocolate eggs and played some video games. The rest of the break i did some study and course work, was kept informed of how the campaign for the second assignment was going and in between took breaks to watch some TV or films with my family as with school i do not get to see them must.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

cap's log 13

This week in the lecture we learnt about video competition and how they make a video using different methods. By how the frames of the video move from one to another by the real image called an i-frame to a few frames made up of data from the i-frame called a p-frame or predicted frames. The other method is to also use b-frames witch are called bi-predicted frames these frames use information from past i-frames and p-frames as well as future i-frames. Those there is a small problem with this method is that if you lose a frame you may lose a few more frames if those frames need information the frame you lost.
In the second lecture we learnt about Podcast and how they reinvented the radio industry. It also helped  armature radio host get they voice out in to the world and expand the audience for the radio shows.

Monday, March 18, 2013

cap's log 13

This week we looked more at what would be involved in the second assignment with the photos. We also looked at what we could do to images to change  how they look.

Monday, March 11, 2013

cap's log 12

For the assignment this week we had to write a review on a film. I have never reviewed anything before so I hope this comes out right. The film I choose to review is underworld awakening. It is the third part of the underworld trilogy. This was a great film 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion. While not the best of the three it was so good that it lift me wanting more. This film would not be a good to start to watch the series from as the film was made with fans for the series begin the target viewers and not new ones. I enjoy the big fight at the end and how Selene played the bad guy into thinking he was winning so her could get him were she wanted him in order to kill him. The war with the humans took a nice turn at the end of the in how they the humans found out about the vampires and the lycans and who was behind them finding out. The only thing that disappointed me about the film was want happened to Michael. Some of my favourite parts of the film is when David beings Selene and eve to the coven and how the vampires react to her, the moments with Selene and her daughter as they get to know one another and when Selene brought back David to life. All in all I really enjoyed this film.

Friday, March 08, 2013

cap's log 11

This week the lectures were a little different as the first lecture of the week was spent in a lab. In the lab we had to download a file from dropbox which contain three random photos. The photos were saved in our h drives we then used photoshop to change the resolution of the photos. We finished the lab-lecture by saving all the changes we had made to the photos.
The second lecture was a normal lecture in which we were shown ways to make a web site more visible to  a search engine.
The lab you spent in our groups for the second assignment signing up for google ads and deucing when to run the campaign.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

cap's log 10

In lecture one this week we looked at how things can be found on the Internet. The open directory which is like an Internet version of the yellow pages, you have to apply to get your site in the directory.
The directory works by storing in categories what you may be looking for. The second thing we looked at is search engines and how they work by indexing the Internet to find what you want. When you type in the words to the search engine. The index works like a copy of the Internet and the copy is search by things called spiders that follow the links on a page to another page to map the Internet of grouping of the same things.
In lecture two we looked more on how the search engine finds thing and how to do an advances search using the engine.
I have googled myself but all that google come back with is a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the USA so should I currently do a crime that has the cops doing a google search to make a profile nothing will be found.